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About us


For a while now peace prevails in this beautiful Island Nation.
Tourist arrivals are starting to climb. The company VOYAGE S L M
(Voyage  Sri Lanka- Maldives) was conceptualized at the end of the
Terrorist War in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island with seven World Heritage Sites, a culture off
more than 2,500 years; the oldest dated Bo Tree in the world (over 2500
years); place to holiday and get value for money. Susantha the
proprietor of VOYAGE S L M (Voyage Sri Lanka-Maldives) is amiable and
obliging. He has 18.years of experience working in the Tourist
Industry in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

VOYAGE S L M as a company can offer better than competitive rates to
Agents and to individual inquiries as overheads are low.
More importantly it is the service of VOYAGE S L M as a company that
matter and to be just a phone call away for a client in need of

The service given before client’s arrival is based on expert knowledge
given with interest, of its team leader who knows every nook and
cranny and of the team itself.

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